Wilride 2019 to Betong, Thailand

Day 2 Album 1:

Betong Tour With Moped Bike 😍
Visited one of the famous place with beautiful view of cloud and mist in Betong (Awan Nano) 🥳
And so Lucky today that able to slot in “Layan Durian Betong” in the itinerary! Yummy 😋

Day 2 Album 2:

We Are Here ! Visited The one of history tunnels in Asean (Piyamid Tunnels) and Tree with thousands years.

Day 3 Album 1:

Visited Bikers Check Point Route 410 & Bikers Stations in Betong 🇹🇭😍
Appreciate for the warm welcome section arranged by the Shop’s Owners 🙏

Day 3 Album 2:

End Of Trip 😊 Roll Back To KL 🇲🇾
Sincerely appreciate to all bikers for the participation and cooperation for making the ride happen and brings with so much of sweet memory! Your continuous supports makes perfect 😍 Hope to ride with all of you again Lovely Bikers !
Home Sweet 🏠 🇲🇾🇹🇭